Is 8a Certification A Boon For Economically Challenged Business Owners?

How do you want to fulfill your American Dream? When the guest speaker asked this question to people attending a seminar on entrepreneurship, a majority of the attendees responded by saying that, they're going to create equal opportunities for economically weak and socially segregated people in the US through their venture, which in turn would help them grow in prosperity and success, achieved through hard toil and discipline. Now, all that sounds good, in an ideal society, where there's no segregation between people based on ethnicity and race. In the United States, we are all given equal rights and opportunities to achieve success and prosperity, under the watchful guidance of the Federal Government. In spite of this, there are still economically marginalized communities in our country that are not aware of the available programs, which can transform their life for better. 8a certification is one such initiative rolled out by the Small Business Administration (SBA) under the aegis of the Federal Government.

8a Certification - An Overview

Simply put, 8a certification is a business development program inducted by SBA that helps startups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to develop their trade and grow their market presence through one-on-one training, in the form of counseling, workshops and seminars. The certification program is primarily aimed at helping people who hail from one of the several ethnic minority communities that exist in the country.

What Advantages Does 8 a Certification Has Over Others

• There has been several other certifications and plans executed by the government earlier but none has been that comprehensive as the 8 a certification from SBA. Why? The reason being, once approved, the 8a certified businesses get an opportunity to bag government contracts which in due course would make them potential competitors in the federal contracts marketplace.

• America has been known the world over as 'the land of opportunity' and has attracted people from all over the world to come and settle here. Over centuries due to these multicultural settlements occurring in different parts of the country, today the American population constitutes people who hail from all parts of the world, from descendants of Africans to Hispanics and from Asians to Pacific Islanders and many more. Again, there are people who come from the American aboriginal tribes like the native Indians, the tribes of Alaska and the aboriginals of Hawaii and other Pacific islands which are under the direct administrative control of the Federal government. In order to help people from these marginalized ethnic communities the 8a certification program is adding up immense support. Firms that are owned by people belonging to these communities can apply for the 8a certified program and are given exclusive support by the SBA once they become 8a certified.

• The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers help not only in the form of providing guidance to applicants to make them qualify the 8a program, but also assist them to compete with other federal contractors to secure business and thereby establish their business entities in a highly competitive marketplace.

• The Mentor-Protégé program run by the SBA is a subset of the 8a certification program. It helps budding businesses that are run by people from financially weaker sections of the ethnic minority communities, to gain technical assistance and managerial expertise and run their enterprises successfully.