Hard Work Can Kill - Finding Work Life Balance

I remember the day my boss had emergency surgery because he was over-worked. I remember saying then, that will never happen to me. Never say never - Many years later, I too had a wake-up call when I suffered severe stomach cramps and my doctor threatened hospitalization. I remembered that boss, and made a decision to change my "work-all-the-time" lifestyle, to avoid his fate.

Over the years, as the business grew I found myself working longer hours. There just seemed to be more and more problems. I was always tired and often too ornery to enjoy my success.

Here are 11 ways I got my life in balance:

Release worry and anger. They consume valuable time and energy, paralyze the brain and block solutions. Most things we worry about seldom materialize anyway.

Get clear on the underlying issue. We are often fed mis-information. Dig for the facts and make decisions only on the facts.

Be proactive. Creating a plan puts you back in the driver's seat. Working the plan eliminates being overwhelmed.

Get help. Your time is valuable. Identify the things you can delegate or outsource, and let others get on with it.

Take action daily on the important things. Procrastination is the thief of time. Action creates momentum, momentum creates results.

Be patient with yourself and with others. It's never going to be perfect. A plane in flight is constantly bombarded by external conditions. The pilot makes adjustments to bring it back on course. A business is no different.

Avoid people who zap your energy. They often whine and complain about little things with high drama, leaving you exhausted. They are not looking for a solution just a stage to perform. Limit your interaction with them or defer them to another time.

Celebrate the little wins. It's from the little wins, enthusiasm and creativity are spawned to bring about success.

Schedule your day to suit YOU. Block time on your calendar for important personal activities. For example, I once had a boss who scheduled afternoon sleep-time. I thought it hilarious then, but now it makes lots of sense.

Do something fun regularly. When you are having fun, the brain finds answers to nagging problems.

Get exercise, plenty of water and rest. Not only to keep healthy, they also keep the mind sharp for new opportunities.

Take time out each day to spend with you. Re-connect with the essence of who you are and how you want your life to matter.

Be selfish, you are worth it!

Juliet Downes, Business Coach and Consultant. I help business owners and executives who are spending too much time at work to clarify and prioritize their focus, so they can make more money, and work as little as they want.