Small Business Government Contractors - Sorry No Pity Here

Indeed, I have been amazed that during the government shut down how the media and Democrats in congress try to tell us how it is having such a dire effect on small businesses. Well, it may have a big effect on those with government contracts, or those with nearby businesses to government facilities, installations or buildings, but I'd say overall, it doesn't hardly affects small businesses the way it affects big corporate welfare. Let's talk, because I think the small business community is being used to score political points with the public.

You see, the approval rating with smaller companies in America enjoys a rate of 70%, whereas the US Congress and this administration have dismal rates of approval. I bet you didn't know but if you are going to run for office the best title to put under your name is "Small Business Owner" and that automatically garners you more votes and likability. No one in the US wants to see our small time entrepreneurs and businesses hurt, the public feels their pain, and 10% of us are in that smaller company owner category, while we employ including ourselves 70% or more of the population.

Now then, in the past my various companies and sub-brands have had many government contracts (to clean vehicles, facilities, and equipment) for agencies and quasi-government organizations. One thing I always noted was when I lost a big to secure a service contract with the government, invariably the company that beat me out on the solicitation to get awarded the contract had extremely poor ethic when it came to labor exploitation. Low wages, poor if any benefits, and lousy working conditions. Sure they were the low bidder, but more often than not they were not following the rules of the contract.

In that case, I am not the least bit moved when I heard these smaller firms crying in their milk because the government bureaucracy has shut down. In fact, maybe they should have thought about diversifying their customer and client base rather than attempting to sponge off the government through some "politically correct" mandate that allowed them a bid advantage.

Further, for us to believe that our elected representatives who get handsome campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists really care about the little guy small business is ridiculous. Oh sure, they might care a little, but they surely care more about their big campaign funders who soak even more taxpayer money in corporate welfare. So, basically, I don't want to hear that excuse for a reason to allow the socialists in our government a blank check or unlimited debt ceiling credit card.

If you'd like to debate me on this - bring it on - because, I personally know of 100s of real examples to back up what I've just said here today. So please consider all this and think on it.