Ziplock Bags - Why Travel Without Them?

So let me guess... which one of you out there tends to over pack for vacations? How about under packed? Have you ever damaged your belongings because your hygiene products exploded everywhere inside your suitcase? Have your luggage ever got soaked before you could get in your hotel room? Who enjoys headaches while on vacation? Who enjoys spending their travel allowance on replacing their damaged wardrobe due to leakage from liquid soaps and lotions you were carrying? How many of you have invested in priced luggage that you barely use? I'm only appealing these questions to you because I personally know about some of these circumstances from experience. What I've soon come to know is that there is always a smarter and not harder way of doing most things! I'm sure you've heard of Ziplock Bags (and many of us generally use them for our lunch items) but I challenge you today to consider their value in regards to traveling and why you should "never travel without them"!

Advantage I- Space

It's not about how much you have, but about how you use what you have. Large Ziplock Bags make traveling life easier because their able to house general articles of clothing such as socks, shirts, pants, under garments, shorts, t-shirts, and swimwear. The main problem with packing is organizing luggage space. Ziplock Bags maintain your folded cloths so as the bag holds them in place; your items can be easily compressed affording you more room to pack with. Alongside that option if you use the White Block Ziplock Bag version you can label items (which eliminates your kids from having cloths everywhere) and easily retrieve your things once you reach your destination.

Advantage II- Preservation

Ziplock are made to preserve freshness, lock and seal tightly, and organize your items. Those cosmetic and hygiene luggage bags look great but I will take performance over appearance any day (especially if I'm saving $$$ too). If you or someone traveling with you must take medications regularly, then Ziplock are ideal for organizing those meds safely. Leave the bottles at home because you can label the outside of the bag and once again save packing space. (Now back to those cute travel bags) you don't need to worry about spillage from lotions, perfumes, deodorants, and liquid soaps, 4 mil Ziplock Bags will also preserve freshness amongst your luggage because you can seal up your dirty clothing inside them, negate the odor, and keep your other clothing smelling fresh.

Advantage III - Plentiful

These bags are available in abundance on the online market stores. You'll be able to purchase in bulk amounts and have enough supply to cover your entire family. Ziplock Bags are airport approved and you'll save $$$ on airline fare because you won't need to check as many bags as you did in the past. If you travel by car you'll surely now have extra space and if you're similar to me (I live to snack) these bags will house and maintain freshness for your travel goodies.

After discussing these advantages how do you feel? Do you kind of see how traveling can be made easier? What about your travel allowance, now you'll even have more to spend (which is always good). So try using Ziplock Bags on your next trip and see if this works for you (why travel without them). If it doesn't work (you can always go back to your normal way of doing things). Please comment I would like to hear your suggestions on this topic. The goal is convenience!