Local Internet Marketing - Your Best Bet To Succeed Online

The problem is the majority of local business owners have no clue about how to go about it. Our experience has shown that by concentrating on a few good techniques it will jump start your local business marketing now and for a long time to come. The long term effects will far outweigh the costs involved.

The Importance Of Properly Executed Search Engine Optimization

You've no doubt seen great looking websites online but that's no guarantee they're profitable. We all know that the bottom line is increased revenue and that's why a properly optimized and promoted website is crucial to dominating your online market. This is when SEO becomes so crucial to your strategy. When you ask a typical small business owner "What is SEO?" all they know is they want their website found on the internet. They have no idea their website needs to be search engine friendly for Google to find it. Most businesses are coming to realize at least why there website needs to be on page one of the major search engines. They just don't know what it takes to get them there.

SEO is composed of two distinct types: Off-page and On-page. Both are essential if a search engine optimization campaign is to be successful. Off-page SEO refers to obtaining inbound links from other related sites as well as social media and web directories. These are obtained by creating articles in your particular niche. A properly optimized web page will include the subject of the page in the following areas: title tag, URL and image alt text. Specifying it several times throughout text is also important. Then when your website is analyzed by search engines they will see the continuity of the content. It used to be very important to place keywords throughout an article quite frequently. That however is not the case anymore. More emphasis is being placed on synonyms and long tail keywords placed strategically throughout an article.

Google + Local

Another great local internet marketing tool is Google + Local, formerly Google Maps as the name implies, your business is promoted by actually giving your location out to potential customers searching for your niche online. Having your business listing there will also give them the opportunity to leave reviews about you which will help increase your page ranking.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Many businesses choose PPC marketing to get immediate results on Google. You as an advertiser will only pay for an ad when someone clicks on it.

When creating your ad consider long tail keywords since they will not be as competitive and can help your customers find what they really want. Then be sure that your landing page is truly based on what your ad described. That way you have more of a chance to gain and retain that client. As you have seen there is more to it than just having an impressive looking website. You just need an experienced, proven and reliable local business marketer on your side.

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Joe Reynolds is the Owner and Local Internet Marketing consultant for My Site

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